Bloomberg: 10,000 Robinhood users‘ passwords were found in the Darknet.

Cybercriminals have put up offers in the darknet to sell access to thousands of accounts allegedly linked to the crypto-currency-friendly Robinhood platform. This was reported by Bloomberg.

Journalists claim that 10,000 passwords from Crypto Trader the platform accounts have entered the darknet market. Compared to the stolen access to another major broker, TD Ameritrade, Robinhood is ten times higher.

According to the publication, hackers mainly operate under the scheme of cracking emails: they request a password recovery and intercept the notification. Robinhood claims that the stolen email is not enough to compromise the account.

In October, the media reported that hackers had access to around two thousand Robinhood accounts. The platform did not disclose the amount of damage and recommended that users enable two-factor authentication.